¿Cómo podemos hacer seguimiento y evaluación de las políticas alimentarias?

Se han hecho de rogar, pero por fin tenemos ya los vídeos de las intervenciones que han tratado de dar un poco de luz sobre cómo hacer seguimiento y evaluación de las políticas alimentarias e identificar a qué retos nos enfrentamos en este sentido.

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Webinar_Sustainable food procurement in the healthcare sector

Hospital food. When we think about this type of food, images of tasteless mashed potatoes, impossible to cut fish filets and fruit wrapped in a plastic bag may come to our mind.

The poor quality of food served in many of Europe’s hospitals has become a growing concern as evidence of links between an unhealthy diet and chronic diseases mounts.

Dietetic-nutritional factors are a preventable cause of disease. Therefore, hospitals are expected to serve nutritious and tasty meals that treat diseases and promote a healthy and balanced diet. However, this is not always the case. Additionally, the foods that hospitals choose to purchase and the way in which they are produced, processed and transported can have a profound effect on the environment. More than 30% of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the food and drink sector.

Fortunately, there are hospitals, throughout Spain and Europe, that are prepared to face these challenges and are committed to new purchasing and consumption models to contribute to a safer, fairer, more sustainable and prosperous future.

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Curso Compra Pública Alimentaria Sostenible: una oportunidad para nuestros territorios